EU encourages Tunisian diaspora to boost productive investment in Tunisia

December 20, 2018
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EU-funded DiafrikInvest has organised a business forum in Tunisia to connect the Tunisian diaspora to the stakeholders of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Tunisian entrepreneurs who benefit from the DiafrikInvest/LECAP coaching and mentoring programme, funded by the European union, met their mentors, high talents and accomplished entrepreneurs from the Tunisian diaspora who have settled in Europe. All of them took part in the DiafrikInvest Business Tour and discovered El Gazala technopark, first ICT-oriented Tunisian technopark. They also visited Borj Cedria Technopark (Cedria Smartek), the Tunisian Technopark with the largest number of research centres (4), and which alone accounts for more than 15% of national research.

The DiafrikInvest delegation also took part in the B2B meetings of the Futurallia 2018 Forum, which gathered more than 600 entrepreneurs from 40 various sectors, with more than 30 represented countries for an amount of 8000 business meetings in two days. 

On the Business Forum’s agenda, two panels addressed key issues, such as the expectations of the diaspora, involvement in productive investment and mechanisms to encourage investment, illustrated by testimonies from Tunisian entrepreneurs living abroad.

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