EU-funded CLIMA implements clothes donation event to face the crisis in Lebanon

September 23, 2021
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In an effort not to let anything go to waste especially during these difficult times in Lebanon, the municipality of Bickfaya, which is one of CLIMA project partners, launched a clothes/toys and books donation event from 14 to 18 of September at the public garden of Bickfaya.

The idea of this event was developed for multiple reasons, mainly environmental but not forgetting the economical aspect that is taking a toll on all the Lebanese citizens. However, unlike previous donation events, the participation was a bit shy, 9 people came forward to donate their old belongings of clothes, book and toys.

Mainly the lack of participation was due to the shortage in fuel, and the many struggles people are facing. Donations received will be distributed to the needy people that are already registered at the local church.

Similar events will take place as the situation in Lebanon gets a little better.

The CLIMA project aims to address the environmental, economic and social problems related to organic waste mismanagement by supporting Italy, Tunisia and Lebanon in developing Municipal Waste Plans while financing the implementation of innovative technical solutions.

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