EU-funded Med Pearls project: a new approach to sustainable tourism

January 15, 2020
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The opening conference of the EU-funded Med Pearls project has taken place in Barcelona with a contribution of 15 speakers from the tourism sector and about 70 attendees.

The Med Pearls project is part of the ENI CBC Med Programme of the European Commission and will work during the next 3 years to create 26 sustainable slow tourism experiences structured and managed by local agents along the 6 countries (Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Italy, Palestine, Spain) taking part in the project: the so-called “26 pearls of the Mediterranean”.

The main pillars of this project are: to attract tourism to less-known areas with a low number of visitors per year; to work on the deseasonalization of tourism offers and hence contributing to more job opportunities and local economic development; and to avoid the negative effects of mass tourism choosing a responsible and sustainable approach which preserves local communities’ identity.

The EU-funded ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2014-2020 offers cooperation opportunities between partners from the Mediterranean area in fields of intervention such as economic development, education and research, social inclusion and environmental protection.


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ENI CBC Med – Cooperating across borders in the Mediterranean

Countries covered:

  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Palestine *