EU-funded NAWAMED celebrates the Global Handwashing Day in Tunisia

October 28, 2021
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The NAWAMED project supported again the Global Handwashing Day, with the Centre for Water Researches and Technologies, CERTE in collaboration with the public primary school Nozhet Essoltan City at Borj Cedria, Tunisia.

It was a great surprise and happiness, to discover that this year the school prepared a special program related to the event with the pupils and teachers, such as songs in Arabic, in French and in English, dance bands, and a theatre piece, showing that last year’s action gad a long lasting impact and was totally adopted by teachers and pupils.

During the celebration of this year, pupils were also actors and parents were involved in preparing the costumes and supporting their children-pupils, which widened the circle of impact.

After the awareness raising by the NAWAMED team on the importance and impact of hand washing as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives, a drawing workshop was conducted with the assistance of the teachers.

NAWAMED (Nature Based Solutions for Domestic Water Reuse in Mediterranean Countries), implemented in the framework of the ENI CBC MED Programme, concretely contributes at promoting and testing low-cost nature-based solutions for the decentralised NCW use at domestic level: in particular, the goals are to treat some 9.000 m3/year of water to be reused and to train at least 150 technicians, thus supporting capacity building.

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