EU-funded NAWAMED to foster separate systems for recycling water in Jordan

June 22, 2021
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During the national meeting organized by the University of Jordan (UJ), stakeholders identified and debated about specific obstacles occurring within the country/regional context and came up with strategies on how to tackle such obstacles in order to facilitate the application of non-conventional water resource (NCWR) technologies and water-demand management (WDM) practices.

The common barriers for the application of NCWR and WDM in the Mediterranean regions were presented. There were a lot of contributions from the Jordanian stakeholders, in order to reach final shared conclusions to face four types of identified barriers: legislative/regulatory, technical, social/public perception and economic/financial.

NAWAMED (Nature Based Solutions for Domestic Water Reuse in Mediterranean Countries), implemented in the framework of the ENI CBC MED Programme, concretely contributes at promoting and testing low-cost nature-based solutions for the decentralised NCW use at domestic level.

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Countries covered:

  • Jordan