EU-funded OPEN Media Hub attends conclusion of mentoring activity at Egyptian National Media Authority

March 23, 2020
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The OPEN Media Hub team was in Egypt a couple of weeks ago for the conclusion of a mentoring at Egyptian National Media Authority.

The activity was launched in 2017 with the aim to implement integrated workflows that would span the various channels. From working in silos to convergence, management of the six main TV channels, online and international relations department learned and agreed on trying new ways: as a result, news production was integrated into a single team in charge of producing the bulletins for the main six channels, thus saving resources that were redirected to new contents production.

In 2018, producers joined the activity and with financial and mentoring support, produced each three versions of the same story: one long form as full feature length documentary, one short form as a stand alone piece and one adapted for specific social media usage.

Other 89 staff and managers from the National Media Authority were involved in the production of the stories and in change management activity. All were rewarded with a certificate of participation. Final stories are due to be aired soon and then made available for reuse and watching on.

The OPEN Media Hub project, funded under the OPEN Neighbourhood Programme, aims at creating a virtual media hub spanning the EU’s two neighbourhood regions – south and east – in order to contribute to the development of independent media and to a more accurate presentation of EU policies, through the creation of a network of journalists. It provides skills to journalists and media managers through the fostering of professional networks, the provision of hands-on workshops, of journalist exchanges and support to audio-visual and online production.


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