EU-funded project CROSSDEV helps small businesses grow in Umm Qais, Jordan

May 25, 2022
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After conducting a survey among small projects in Umm Qais, Jordan, the EU-funded CROSSDEV project identified gaps and needs of the local tourism-related businesses and designed training sessions dedicated to address such needs.

The design of the training content was done in consultation with partners from the local community, and their demand was the need to improve the attractiveness of Umm Qais in general and their own individual business activities in particular, so to increase production and sales and to achieve a return that guarantees them continuity and the growth of their businesses.

In order to give Umm Qais tourism-related business a digital life, the CROSSDEV team is currently developing a website that gathers and promotes all local activities aimed at national and international tourists.

The website, which is currently been finalised, includes information, maps, and pictures of each local business, as well as information about the four routes that were developed by CROSSDEV in cooperation with the locals: the cultural route, the health & spa route, the agro-tourism route and the eco & adventure route.

CROSSDEV strengthens and enhances sustainable tourism practices, emphasizing common heritage and resources. Specifically, the project intends to increase touristic competitiveness and attractiveness of less-known destinations and rural/depressed areas, adopting the Cultural Routes concept in selected areas of 4 countries: Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.

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