EU-funded project Minjara: Reviving Tripoli’s woodcraft by supporting Beirut blast victims

November 3, 2020
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In the aftermath of the devastating Beirut blast, the EU-funded project Minjara partnered with organizations working on ground, including Renovate Beirut and Ma’an Lubnan, to offer relief to blast victims. The project looked to offer assessment of affected homes, repair of broken doors, providing of replacement doors, dismantling and installation of fixed and temporary doors, and transportation, quality control, and follow-ups.

The operations for the response plan were well-thought and carefully calculated, utilizing the Minjara shuttle, a unique service launched after the blast, and an efficient replace-and-repair process. Thanks to this initiative, 175 wooden doors from 65 Beirut homes were repaired.

Minjara is a local initiative funded and supported by the European Union (EU), and implemented by Expertise France in collaboration with the Association of Lebanese Industrialists.

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