An EU-funded project studies the key role of education in the professional integration of young people in the Marrakech region

September 17, 2018
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FEMISE recently published a new brief to provide Forward Thinking for the EuroMediterranean region.

The difficulties of young Moroccans, both in terms of their professional integration and in the education system have led us to question the constraints that can weigh on these young people in the pursuit of their studies and their access to paid employment. Our results highlight the important role of secondary education in gaining paid employment.

However, many young people drop out of school early. The analysis of reasons for stopping studies is essential so that public authorities can put in place effective measures. It is necessary for Morocco to clearly define the requirements of the socio-economic sectors in terms of competences and qualifications in order to redirect educational policies and the functioning of training systems accordingly.

In order to reduce the drop-out rate, public authorities must focus both on primary school and college. In addition, government measures should focus on young girls especially in rural areas, where access to education is constrained.

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Countries covered:

  • Morocco