EU funds Revival of the Shali Fortress Project in Siwa

October 10, 2018
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The European Union launched the “Revival of the Shali Fortress Project” in the Siwa Oasis with a grant of €540.000, and co-funded by Environmental Quality International for Small and Micro Enterprise Development (EQI SME) with €60.000.

The project seeks to revive, restore and conserve Shali’s “kershef”–built archaeological site, and the partially abandoned and degraded settlement surrounding it until 2020.

The project will help boost Siwa’s economy, by improving its international standing as a leading eco-tourism destination and reinforces the sustainable development in Siwa through establishing a commercially viable micro-finance scheme that would allow low-income communities to restore their properties and expand their businesses, responding to the urgent socio-economic and healthcare needs of the Oasis’s most vulnerable population.


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