EU grants €38 million for protection of critical infrastructure against cyber threats

June 17, 2020
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The European Commission announced on 15 June that it is committing more than €38 million, through Horizon 2020, the EU’s research and innovation programme, to support several innovative projects in the field of protection of critical infrastructure against cyber and physical threats and making cities smarter and safer.

Three projects (SAFETY4RAILS, 7SHIELD and ENSURESEC) will work to improve prevention, detection, response and mitigation of cyber and physical threats for metro and railway networks, ground space infrastructure and satellites, as well as e-commerce and delivery services. Two additional projects (IMPETUS and S4ALLCITIES) aim at enhancing the resilience of cities’ infrastructures and services and protecting citizens in case of security incidents in public spaces.

The projects are expected to start between June and October 2020 and will run for two years. The support is part of the EU’s commitment to build a strong cybersecurity culture and enhanced capabilities to resist and respond effectively to potential cyber threats and attacks.


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