EU-Israel aviation agreement: a “success story for all sides”

December 22, 2015
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The EU-Israel Aviation Agreement is “a success story for all sides”, EU ambassador to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen said yesterday after the conclusion of the third EU-Israel Committee meeting, hosted in Tel Aviv by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI).
Data presented at the meeting by the CAAI indicated the extent to which aviation ties between Israel and the EU had grown since the agreement was signed in 2013.
For example:
  • Total passenger traffic on EU-Israel routes increased from 7.6 million in 2013, to 8.2 million in 2014 and an estimated 9.1 million in 2015
  • The average number of weekly flights to and from Europe increased from 497 in 2013 to an estimated 593 in 2015
  • During the same period, the cost of tickets from Israel to Western Europe decreased by an average of 12% and to Eastern Europe by 18%
  • The average weekly number of EU-Israel low cost flights by European operators jumped from 51 in 2013 to 113 in 2015.
  • The data also showed that, despite initial fears of losing its market share, El Al has slightly strengthened its market position.
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