EU project helps Tunisia use its nature’s potential to give new momentum to tourism

July 27, 2016
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In order to help Tunisia seize its potential of becoming an ecotourism destination, the MEET project (“Mediterranean Experience of Ecotourism”), funded by the EU under the CBCMed programme, has supported three protected areas in the design of new ecotourism products and the implementation of integrated strategies.
In an effort to make these destinations more attractive, known and ready to welcome local and international visitors, the MEET project has implemented several pilot actions which will guarantee that tourism does not harm natural resources and benefits go to local communities.
Among others, the project allowed to better the facilities for tourists, including the improvement of the walking trails at Chikly Island, the revamp of the eco-museum in the Bou Kornine National Park, and the installation of benches at the Ichkeul National Park. With brand new information panels, tourists can get a full picture of the unique fauna, flora found in the concerned parks. In addition, two eco-tours crossing the three protected areas were designed and tested, and offer an exciting mix of experience from nature, culture, food to interactions with local people. 
Finally, in view of ensuring the long-term development of ecotourism, protected areas were provided with an integrated strategy, drafted in collaboration with local stakeholders so their ideas and expectations are reflected in future plans.
The ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2007/2013 is a multilateral cross-border cooperation programme funded by the European Union under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument. It aims at reinforcing cooperation between the EU and partner countries’ regions located along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. (EU Neighbourhood Info
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