The EU Regional Trust Fund releases videos of their actions

June 6, 2018
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Today, the EU Regional Trust Fund (EUTF) released various videos on the EU Neighbours YouTube Channel regarding their actions in response to the Syrian crisis. In the videos, different beneficiaries of the EUTF relate their story.

Indeed, since its implementation, the EU Regional Trust Fund has proven its added-value beyond economy of scale and the pooling of financial instruments.

EUTF projects support more than 2 million Syrian refugees and local communities in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, the Western Balkans, and Armenia. The Trust Fund helps both Syrian refugees and local communities get better access to education, job opportunities, healthcare, water and protection services. The EUTF also contributes to a stronger and cohesive society, with a particular focus on children, youth and women.

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EU Regional Trust Fund


Countries covered:

  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria *