EU Report: reinforcing the strong and solid EU-Jordan partnership

November 29, 2018
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The EU and Jordan built and consolidated a strong and solid partnership via broad and intensive cooperation on multilateral, regional and bilateral issues.

This is the conclusion drawn by a report released today on the partnership between the EU and Jordan for the period from May 2017 to May 2018.

High Representative/Vice-President, Federica Mogherini said: “Jordan is a strong partner for the EU, bilaterally and on the regional scene. It plays a vital role in the region and we value enormously the unique wisdom and balance the country and its people show. We have always been supporting them, including their internal, domestic work, with all possible means at our disposal, including economic and financial means. And we will continue to be at their side.”

The report concluded that in the future, continued EU support in the form of policy dialogue, financial assistance and specific projects will contribute towards a secure, democratic and economically strong Jordan. In particular, EU assistance in carrying out political and economic reforms will strengthen the country’s sustainable and inclusive development, also bearing in mind Jordan’s huge efforts in hosting Syrian refugees. Support on border security and counter-terrorism issues will also maintain and boost confidence in the country.


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