EU showcases Algerian women’s know-how

March 12, 2020
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The brainstorming workshop held by the project “Takwin wa Tamkin” was devoted to the women’s know-how at the heart of the development of rural areas.

In two-year activities (2018-2020), the project has carried out trainings for the valorisation of handicraft products, study trips in Tunisia, Morocco and France, meetings and networking events.

The project works towards the valorisation of the Algerian traditional heritage, with a more modern approach, based on the notion of integration of handicraft into the economic sectors (such as tourism) and on the promotion of social and solidarity companies.

“Takwin and Tamkin” is part of the pilot action programme for the agricultural and rural development in Algeria (PAP-ENPARD). It is a bilateral cooperation programme between Algeria and the European Union, initiated in the framework of the European Initiative ENPARD. Based on an innovative approach to revitalize the territories through sustainable development projects, PAP-ENPARD contributes in the pilot provinces to:

  • implementing a participatory process to identify sustainable rural development projects;
  • showcasing local products and resources and enhancing their quality before bringing them to market;
  • reinforcing the communication and information on the entrepreneurial initiatives of local actors.


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Countries covered:

  • Algeria