EU supports Egypt to expand access to education and enforce child protection systems

October 25, 2016
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The European Union and the Government of Egypt, in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) launched on Monday 24 October the five-year programme “Expanding Access to Education and Protection for at Risk Children in Egypt”. 
The EU provides the largest part of the programme’s budget (EUR 30 million out of a total of EUR 36 million), with the aim to increase the access to education of the most vulnerable and socially excluded children and to strengthen child protection in up to 15 selected Egyptian governorates.
The programme aims at establishing 1,200 community schools, enrolling 30,000 new pupils, upgrading 200 public primary schools to cater to the needs of around 6,000 children with disabilities. Moreover, 100,000 children will benefit from improved teaching and a more child-friendly environment in the targeted schools. Finally, 20,000 children will be supported by more effective child protection mechanisms through 15 Child Protection Committees (CPC) in 15 Governorates operating in line with the Egyptian Constitution and Child Law to protect Egyptian children from maltreatment. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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