EU supports security sector reform in Lebanon

June 6, 2016
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The EU launched on Friday 3 June the Security Sector Reform (SSR) project in Lebanon, which will provide technical assistance to support the security sector reforms undertaken by the Lebanese authorities.
This SSR Lebanon project, funded by the EU with a €3.6 million grant, is a pioneering interagency intervention. It provides direct support to the Lebanese Armed Forces and the General Directorate of General Security, which play a crucial role in the preservation of the country’s security and contribute to ensuring Lebanon’s overall cohesion and unity.
The project will offer a large spectrum of European expertise to these security institutions and strengthen civilian oversight by reinforcing their internal organisation, communication capabilities and accountability mechanisms as well as to increase their services to the Lebanese people. The project started at the beginning of March 2016 and will be implemented over a period of thirty months. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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