EU Syria Trust Fund: new assistance package to support Syrian refugees and host communities crosses €1 billion mark

June 20, 2017
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The EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis has adopted a series of new projects worth a total of €275 million. These projects will support refugees and their overstretched host communities in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, the Balkans, and Armenia.

Projects will focus on education, health care, support for local communities, social inclusion, and gender equality. The newly adopted assistance package brings the current overall volume of the EU Trust Fund up to over €1 billion.

Announcing the news, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini said: “We are giving a lifeline to millions of Syrians inside the country and across the region, helping create a future for Syrian refugees and host communities. By enabling girls and boys to access quality education, we are helping to prevent a lost generation of children whose lives have been devastated by the Syrian conflict.

The new €275 million aid package focuses on better access to livelihoods, healthcare, education and protection services. It includes the following actions:

  • €126.5 million assistance package for Turkey, including:

o €105 million to enhance the resilience of Syrians under temporary protection and host communities.

o €11.5 million for improved access to health care for refugees and host communities.

o €10 million to enhance the skills of refugees and capacity building of local authorities in Turkey.

  • €90 million programme for education in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan invested in the future of refugee children and young people affected by the Syrian crisis.
  • €25 million programme to support vulnerable women and girls in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. This will recognize the important role of women in promoting peace and security, and the need to safeguard the rights, protection and specific needs of women and girls.
  • €21 million programme to help Serbia manage the migration/refugee crisis along the Balkan route .
  • €10 million programme for Jordan’s public health system to ensure increased access to and quality of secondary and tertiary healthcare for Jordanian and Syrian refugees.
  • €3 million programme to support Syrian refugees in Armenia by enhancing access to health and psychosocial services, improving housing conditions, increasing access to economic opportunities, and by facilitating the integration of schoolchildren and students.


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