#EU4Youth: be an agent for change – EU gives the floor to inspiring Lebanese youth

February 16, 2017
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An event was held in Beirut on 13 February, aimed at raising awareness of EU-funded youth initiatives and their direct impact on young people. The evening was hosted by the EU Delegation to Lebanon, and organised in the framework of the EU Neighbours South project, coinciding with the launch of its #EU4Youth social media campaign.

The ‘Info Soirée’, held at the Beirut Art Centre, gave the floor to inspiring Lebanese youth who have benefitted from EU-funded initiatives. It was attended by around 100 young people and representatives of civil society organisations. A panel discussion provided the audience with information on a series of EU-funded initiatives, ranging from education and technical and vocational education and training, peace-building, entrepreneurship, and support to youth policy development and implementation. The event concluded with an exhibition of selected EU-funded initiatives targeting youth. 

“Young people are typically agents for change – because you are less set in your manners and ideas and often have new and fresh ideas about the world,” the Head of the EU Delegation to Lebanon, Ambassador Christina Lassen told the audience. “We want to help you channel this energy into helping your communities and be positive agents for change.”

Ambassador Lassen highlighted the EU’s strong support to activities that benefit Lebanese youth, ranging from basic education to both Syrian and Lebanese youngsters, to vocational training and higher education for Lebanese youth through the Erasmus+ programme. She added: “We also fund civil society organisations that work to improve the employability of youth, others that aim at decreasing the drop-out rate of students, activities that enable youth from less privileged communities to take part in cultural activities, civil society organisations that help youth get out of drug addiction, just to name a few.” 

The event coincided with the launch of the EU Neighbours South #EU4YOUTH social media campaign (on Facebook, Twitter) aiming to raise awareness of EU-funded youth initiatives in the Southern Neighbourhood countries. The campaign targets one million youth in the 18-35 age group in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.

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