EUBAM Libya bolsters MoI Mid-Level Commanders’ Border Security Skills

May 30, 2024
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From 19 to 23 May, EUBAM Libya conducted at GASO Special Training Institute of the Ministry of Interior a major training program on border security. In our world, where internal stability of the States relies heavily on secured frontiers, the participant officers were provided with advanced tools for excelling in border management.


During the week-long programme, the 19 trainees from the MoI  went through comprehensive activities, including risk and crisis management, information exchange techniques, cross-border crime prevention, and effective use of border surveillance technologies. Furthermore, the training improved the attendees’ resources in the legislation related to the observance of fundamental human rights principles.


EUBAM experts led the training with a concern in creating a participatory learning environment. The activities had a specific focus on improving inter-agency cooperation and knowledge sharing within the Libyan border security forces. This approach facilitated the exchange of best practices and knowledge between MoI agencies, creating a valuable environment for future collaboration.


Countries covered:

  • Libya
Human Rights