EULINK RAWABET promotes security on coastal road connecting Eastern and Western Libya

December 21, 2022
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The reopening of the Libyan coastal road, connecting the East and West of the country, was a key element of the 2020 ceasefire agreement. The EU-funded EULINK RAWABET project provides essential support to security and safety along this important link for people and businesses. Working together with security forces from the East and West, EULINK RAWABET is an important contribution to security sector reform in Libya, and the unity of the country.

In response to a request by the Joint Military Committee (JMC)/5+5, the EU launched EULINK RAWABET in October 2021: an 8 million EUR project to foster security on the coastal road and promote cooperation between police forces from the East and West. One year later, 100 police officers from the West and 100 officers from the East are deployed to secure the coastal road between Abu Grein and Sirte, under the authority of the JMC/5+5’s Security Arrangement Committee (SAC). Their cooperation is one of the few examples of security providers from the East and West working together for the benefit of the Libyan citizens.

EULINK RAWABET has rehabilitated three main security gates in Abu Grein, Gate 50 and Gate 30. Infrastructure works went along with the provision of equipment and training sessions for commanding and field officers. The General Department for Security Operations (GDSO), in charge of mobile patrols between the Security Gates, and the Central Security Support Department (CSSD), in charge of operating the Security Gates are key partners in the project.

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