Eunavfor Med Irini signs a new working arrangement in the field of training

September 23, 2021
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Operation EUNAVFOR MED IRINI has signed a working arrangement with the Accademia Internazionale Mauriziana. The agreement aims at establishing cooperation activities in the context of the training that Operation Eunavfor Med IRINI is able to provide.

With this arrangement, Operation IRINI and Accademia Internazionale Mauriziana intend to establish a collaboration in support of IRINI’s training capabilities through the possible provision of courses on subjects of trainees’ interest. The ultimate goal of this agreement is to improve the participants’ knowledge on human rights and their skills in performing their duties, including managing people rescued at sea.

Operation Irini (named after the Greek goddess for “peace”) was planned in a very short timeframe and launched on 31 March 2020, following a decision by the Council of the European Union. The main task is the implementation of the arms embargo on Libya under the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

The Operation also has secondary tasks including monitoring illegal oil trafficking from Libya, contributing to countering human trafficking and smuggling activities (through air monitoring) and contributing to the training of the Libyan Coast Guard and Navy.

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