EUPOL COPPS lends more support to Palestinian female lawyers

April 5, 2022
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EUPOL COPPS has taken an additional step in assisting Palestinian female lawyers.

To this end, the Mission held a two-day retreat for a group of Female lawyers in Ramallah to discuss ways in which to promote female lawyers in leadership positions of the Palestinian Bar Association and to underline the main challenges they face in their endeavor to achieve that, keeping in mind that the election of the PBA is scheduled to take place next month, in May 2022.

The Mission exerts strenuous efforts to empower female lawyers in their profession, as well as increasing their representation both in Court and in the board of the PBA. Whilst there is no female lawyer on the board of the PBA, more than 30% of the Palestinian lawyers are women, and the objective of electing a female lawyer to the board of the PBA remains of utmost importance.

“EUPOL COPPS remains committed to supporting female empowerment within the judiciary, encouraging the promotion of gender equality, in order to improve the situation for all Palestinian women,” said Marta Altea Diaz Galindo, The Mission’s senior Criminal Justice Expert.

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