EUPOL kicks off Community Policing in Palestine

March 21, 2018
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With advice and mentoring from the EUPOL COPPS Mission and supported by the International Community Policing Coordination Group, the Palestinian Civil Police has established a Community Policing Coordination Unit and developed a Strategic Concept for Community Policing.

Community Policing is a policing concept, where the same Police Officers patrol and work in the same area to identify and solve problems in partnership with its citizens.

Last week, Mission Members joined a 2-day workshop to kick-off the implementation of the Strategic Concept. The workshop was chaired by the Head of the Community Policing Coordination Unit, Colonel Farid Ladedwa. It took place at the Palestinian College for Police Sciences in Jericho with the purpose to brief key individuals about the concept and its implementation.

The launch and implementation of the Strategic Concept will be supported by an Action Plan and possibly also by establishing a Field Team. The Field Team is envisioned to be responsible for planning, conducting and coordinating Community Policing training.

The necessity for a thorough Stakeholder Analysis and a supporting Communication Strategy was also discussed. This will help to identify challenges and define and communicate levels of service delivery to the public.


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