European and Egyptian cooperation to transform the Egyptian Museum of Cairo

January 28, 2019
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The European Union has launched a 3 year project with a funding valued at 3.1 million euros aimed at transforming the Egyptian Museum of Cairo (EMC). It will provide a unique collaboration between the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, the Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt and the EU in the fields of museology, Egyptology, archaeology, archaeometry and cultural heritage management.

Ambassador Surkoš underlined the benefits of the project, stating that the strategic vision for the EMC will make it possible to improve the visitors’ experience, attract more national and international visitors and increase the economic impact of the museum. The project is also expected to derive further economic benefits from the implementation of income generation programs by the Ministry of Antiquities. Another important expected outcome of the project is a significant increase in the management and technical capacities of the EMC. This will also result in a long-term and sustainable impact beyond the EMC by training staff in the Ministry of Antiquities to deliver other projects to continue transforming the museum landscape in the country.

This three-year project is the first phase of a larger project that would see significant upgrades to the Egyptian Museum.

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