European Commission disburses €25 million for the Palestinian Authority

June 3, 2024
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The European Commission has processed a second tranche of assistance of €25 million for the Palestinian Authority to contribute to the payment of salaries and pensions of Palestinian civil servants and disbursed €16 million for UNRWA to provide basic services such as health and education to Palestinian refugees.



The €25 million payment under PEGASE will help the Palestinian Authority to meet part of its commitments towards Palestinian civil servants in the West Bank. At this critical juncture, it will provide a much-needed contribution to the significant challenges facing the Palestinian economy, in particular before Eid al-Adha.



The payment is the second tranche disbursed to the Palestinian Authority as part of the €118.4 million assistance package adopted in December 2023. The first €25 million payment were disbursed in March. The payment of the second tranche has been also carried out in conformity with the conclusions of the review of EU financial assistance to Palestine[1] after the tragic events on 7 October 2023, including the extended screening of the beneficiaries. Through the EU’s PEGASE mechanism, EU assistance will contribute to the payments of the salaries and pensions of civil servants in the West Bank, the social allowances for vulnerable families through the Cash Transfer Programme in the West Bank and Gaza, the payment for the medical referrals to the East Jerusalem Hospitals and support the administrative and technical capacity of the Palestinian Authority institutions.

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