A European initiative provides training to experts and veterinarians in Rabat

October 8, 2018
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As part of the European Union’s Better Training for Safer Food initiative, a regional training seminar on health inspections and the prevention of animal-borne illnesses was held in Rabat from 1-4 October for experts and veterinary officers from Southern-Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern countries. Morocco was represented, among other partners, by its National Food Sanitation Bureau (ONSSA).

The seminar aimed to increase knowledge of European regulations regarding the control of animal-borne illnesses, to assist in harmonising inspection systems, and to encourage trade of animal-based products between the European Union and partner countries.

Morocco and the European Union work hand in hand on several programmes – including twinning – to ensure better consumer protection in terms of sanitation and food safety, as well as better access to the European market for Moroccan food products from the agricultural and agribusiness sectors.

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