The European Training Foundation is hosting a panel during the Congress of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences in Tunisia

June 28, 2018
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From June 25 to 29, the 2018 IIAS global congress is taking place in Tunisia. The focus is to understand how governance systems can better absorb shocks and improve human wellbeing.

The independent forum brings together hundreds of policymakers, practitioners, business leaders, NGOs, researchers and social partners from around the world to discuss developments and trends in public governance.

The European Training Foundation (ETF), a longstanding partner of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences, is hosting the ‘Governing change and changing governance’ panel in the context of vocational education and skills reform.

Siria Taurelli, who leads the ETF’s governance team will present new ETF research to identify success factors in public-private partnerships supporting skills development in different countries and contexts.

The European Training Foundation is a European Union agency that helps transition and developing countries harness the potential of their human capital through the reform of education, training and labour market systems, and in the context of the EU’s external relations policy.

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Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Syria *
  • Tunisia