Five Mission Members shadow Palestinian Police officers in Jenin

February 22, 2023
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From 06 to 09 February 2023 the Deputy Head of Police Advisory Section and four Advisers (District Coordination, C.I.D. and Cybercrime) visited the northern West Bank district of Jenin in a bid to lend support to their Palestinian counterparts in a plethora of Police sciences.

The advisers, each with long experience of police work in their respective countries, shadowed the police officers throughout their meetings and discussions pertaining to day-to-day police work, such as managing a crime scene, Human Resources, logistics, environmental crime.

This visit gave the Mission the opportunity to spend entire days in Jenin together with the Police Officers in charge of the closest offices to the citizens and obtain first-hand information about their work and perspectives and deliver advice accordingly.

“The aim of this trip is to further enhance the basic police concepts, such as upholding the law, preventing crime and antisocial behavior, protecting and reassuring communities, investigating crime and bringing offenders to justice,” said Rene Nuijten, Deputy Head of EUPOL COPPS Police Advisory Section.

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