Gaza: Statement by the Spokesperson on the ceasefire agreement

August 9, 2022
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©European Union

The European Union welcomes the announced ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad which should bring an end to the violence in and around Gaza.

The EU commends Egypt for playing an indispensable facilitating role in it, as well as the United Nations, the United States and Qatar for providing support.

The EU deplores the loss of civilian lives over the past days, including a number of children and women, killed and injured in Gaza Strip. The EU calls for a timely and thorough investigation into these civilian casualties.

It is now crucial to work to consolidate the ceasefire and to reopen the crossings to allow especially humanitarian assistance and fuel, as well as workers, to enter and exit Gaza. The EU recalls its position that tangible efforts should be made towards making the situation in Gaza sustainable, through reinforced economic cooperation and by restoring a political horizon.

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