Gender equality: UfM working groups meet to prepare next Ministerial Conference

July 26, 2016
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More than 30 UfM Government representatives and key stakeholders representing two of the working groups of the UFM regional dialogue on Women Empowerment, gathered on the 12 and 19 July respectively in Paris and Amman, to work on the drawing of a progress report which will contribute to the conclusions of the next UfM Ministerial Conference on Women’s Empowerment, expected to take place in 2017.

The UFM regional dialogue on Women Empowerment, launched in 2015, aims to examine the implementation of regional commitments adopted by the 2013 UfM Ministerial on “Strengthening the role of women in society” particularly through four working groups focusing on: women’s participation in economic life, fight against violence, women’s access to positions of leadership and change of gender stereotypes.
The working group on “Women’s access to leadership and decision-making positions”, meeting in Paris, discussed the commitments that still need to be achieved to increase access of women to leadership positions, both in the public sector and the corporate sector.
The working group meeting on “Raise women’s participation in economic life”, held on 19 July in Amman, looked at policies to reduce informal work, to promote entrepreneurship, to access finance and markets, and promote work-life balance.
The two other working groups will gather in September 2016 and will be dedicated to the fight against stereotypes and violence against women and gender-based violence.
The 4th regional dialogue meeting will take place on 6 October as part of the annual High Level UfM Conference on Women’s Empowerment which will gather main stakeholders fostering women’s empowerment around the Mediterranean to share ideas, experiences, initiatives and recommendations regarding the essential role that women play in promoting peace, development and stability. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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