iHERITAGE gets closer than ever to improving access to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Mediterranean

June 28, 2022
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ENI CBC Med Programme

One of the key goals of the EU-funded iHERITAGE project is to foster cooperation between universities, SMEs, start-ups, and spin-offs focused on the development of Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality products.

As a result of the ongoing Living Labs Programs, iHERITAGE project partners have begun to establish industry-academic collaborations in the form of Research Agreements, which will be followed by a series of 6 new training programs in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon, resulting in 76 new innovative products/services to boost the valorisation of intangible cultural heritage.

These and other initiatives were revealed as the iHERITAGE project held its third steering committee meeting in Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt, from 16 to 18 June, hosted by Egyptian partners the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations, following the success of the project’s second steering committee meeting in Granada last November.

This meeting was an excellent opportunity for partners to connect, assess the project’s progress and next steps in light of the project’s final year of implementation, chart a course for the coming months, and discuss the development of new ICT products to valorize tangible and intangible cultural heritage in the Mediterranean.

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