Innov’i webinar on innovation funding in Tunisia provides overview and recommendations

February 10, 2021
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The webinar organised on 28 january by the Tunisian ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines, in collaboration with Innov’i – EU4Innovation project, on the funding of innovation highlighted the importance of financing startups as a lever for post-crisis economic recovery.

An overview of innovation financing in Tunisia was presented, highlighting the obstacles Tunisia is facing but also the solutions for a successful innovation policy. Tunisian startups also shared their stories about their financial journey, highlighting their limited access to the financial market.

Several issues were raised at this meeting: What are the different dimensions of innovation funding? What are the effects of an innovation financing policy on economic recovery in Tunisia? What role do public authorities and private actors play in encouraging and promoting innovation in Tunisia?

Ensuring an innovation funding continuum to support projects in their different growth phases; creating a structure centralizing all innovation funding mechanisms; defining an innovation strategy to prioritize projects: these are some of the recommendations that have been suggested by the participants.

This webinar is part of a series of webinars aiming at raising awareness among political leaders and decision-makers in order to accelerate economic reforms related to innovation and technology.


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Countries covered:

  • Tunisia