INTECMED in Tunisia launches the mentoring programme to entrepreneurs

October 13, 2022
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Following the call for innovative projects, the Cap Bon Chamber of commerce and industry (CCI Cap Bon) and the National Agency for the Promotion of Scientific Research (ANPR), partners of the INTECMED project in Tunisia, selected 12 young idea holders undertaking innovative projects and existing start-ups providing new products and services throughout Tunisia after the finalization of the evaluation process, with the support of the evaluation committee set up by the Regional Alliance for the Transfer of Innovation (RAIT) in Tunisia.

In total, 82 projects innovative business ideas were submitted, covering two thematic sectors with technological character namely the agri-food sector and the craft sector. For the 12 candidates selected in August 2022, the majority is female (7 women, 5 men), including 9 projects in the agri-food and 3 in the handicraft sector, coming from the four corners of the country: the North East, Central, North West and South of Tunisia. And a mentoring program combining training and individual coaching for a period of 5 months will take place at the INTECMED incubator to further consolidate the profile of the 12 project leaders, researchers and young entrepreneurs.

At the INTECMED incubator, a regional innovation facility located at the Borj Cedria Technopole, in this integrated space conducive to research, innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs will enjoy a programme to assist them in their acceleration process to improve their business models and transform them into viable business models, materialised by solid business plans and to strengthen their networking actions.

At the end of the mentoring phase, the 3 best business plans will be awarded with a business prizes of 10.000, 20.000 and 30.000 euros.

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