International symposium in Algiers on preservation of film heritage

October 11, 2017
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The EU-funded programme for the protection and valorisation of cultural heritage in Algeria is organising an international symposium on ‘The memory of films: preserving cinematographic heritage’ on 14-15 October in Algiers.

On the evening of Saturday 14th, at 7pm, the Cinémathèque d’Alger will screen the cult movie by Mohamed Zinet, Taya Didou, restored as part of the programme. Screenings of the film will then continue until October 19.

The 96-month Heritage Programme, funded to the tune of €24 million, of which €21.5 million provided by the European Union, aims to support the integration of cultural heritage in the country’s economic and human development.

The programme is working to set up emergency measures to preserve the Cinémathèque Algérienne’s film and non-film collections (posters, photos), through the training of staff, purchase of equipment, refurbishment work, identification, inventory and archiving.

On the sidelines of the international conference, and until the end of December 2017, the public has the opportunity to follow a cycle of screenings of ten restored Algerian films being screened in seven cities across the country.


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