Israel/Palestine: Statement by the High Representative on the ongoing escalation of violence

July 5, 2023
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The European Union is deeply concerned about the grave escalation in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.


In Jenin, an Israeli military operation against militants, involving the largest-scale airstrikes on the city in decades, has left at least ten Palestinians dead and dozens injured.


Today a serious terrorist attack took place again in Tel Aviv. We condemn all terrorist attacks, for which there can be no justification.


As expressed in previous statements, the EU equally condemns attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians.


All these events are a reminder of the fragility of the situation on the ground, in the absence of prospects for a political solution.


The European Union has repeatedly expressed its concerns about the increasingly high number of casualties of the violence this year.


The EU continues to stress that civilians, especially children, must be protected under all circumstances and that the use of force must be proportionate and only a means of last resort, when strictly unavoidable in order to protect life, in line with international humanitarian law.

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