Jordan: EU launches biggest support programme for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

July 25, 2016
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The second phase of the energy programme “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency programme in Jordan” (REEE II) was launched last week on the margins of the 10th EU-Jordan Association Committee in Amman, reflecting the advanced cooperation between the EU and Jordan on green energy.
This programme seeks to further boost economic development and competitiveness in Jordan as well as promoting the applications of green energy. It will bring benefits to citizens with incentives in place to make buildings greener and more energy efficient. Jordan’s water sector energy bill will be reduced by actions targeting main water pumping stations and the farming sector will benefit as well. Waste to energy pilot action in Amman will be put in place not only reducing energy bills for citizens but also increasing quality of life.
“The EU has invested over EUR 145 million in green energy development in Jordan”, said EU ambassador to Jordan H.E. Andrea Matteo Fontana, adding: “We believe this programme is another important step to boost the green economy initiatives. It is equally important for creating jobs and fighting poverty. Further, our support addresses the increasing electricity demand generated by the Syrian refugee crisis.”
The REEE II support programme starts in July 2016, and set to last for 4 years, with a total budget of EUR 90 million, and will support the Institutional, legislative, regulatory and strategic framework, support the implementation of the renewable energy and energy efficiency components under the National Energy Strategy and apply REEE applications in few selected high electricity consuming sectors and in some public entities (water pumping, construction and street lighting). (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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