Jordan: SCP/RAC meets potential sustainable investors to introduce the SwitchMed programme

December 2, 2021
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The& Business Development Center (BDC) and the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) held an interactive event dedicated to Jordanian sustainable investors in Amman. This event, held in the premises of BDC, the organization coordinating the Switchers Support National Partnership in Jordan, was organized within the framework of the SwitchMed programme.

It aimed at introducing SwitchMed and the results achieved so far, particularly in Jordan, to potential sustainable investors in Jordan who had been identified by BDC, and might be appealed to invest in business models at ideation and early stages. The Ministry of Environment of Jordan was also participating in this event as SwitchMed local focal point.

Through the interactive session, a network of entities supporting green entrepreneurship locally was established, thus fostering cooperation among different kinds of stakeholders including finance organizations, investment funds or civil society organizations.

Furthermore, in order to collect some valuable feedback from investors, BDC organised a roundtable to discuss few essential questions, focusing on what would be the best business profile from a sustainable investor’s perspective and the main constraints that entrepreneurs or investors might face regarding the possibilities to be funded.

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