Lebanon: better EU resettlement tools needed to help the country deal with refugee crisis, says MEP

September 27, 2016
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A delegation from the European Parliament (EP) civil liberties committee visited Lebanon to find out how the country was dealing with the refugee crisis. The fact-finding mission, held on 19-22 September, was conducted by MEPs to assess the situation to help prepare future EU rules on the resettlement of refugees.
“Lebanon has by far surpassed the efforts of the rest of the EU in its response to the crisis and has coped remarkably well under very difficult circumstances,” said MEP Claude Moraes after the visit.
The EU has allocated more than EUR 776 million to support vulnerable communities in Lebanon since the beginning of the crisis. However, Moraes stressed: “There is an urgent need for the EU to adopt legislative tools that actually work and can contribute to alleviate the demographic pressure on countries such as Lebanon and prevent further destabilisation in the region.” (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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