Lebanon: Deddeh Koura local community invited to draw up reuse action plans of treated effluent

March 1, 2022
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The Faculty of Public Health and the Doctoral School of Science and Technology at the Lebanese University (UL) in the AQUACYCLE partnership are pleased to announce the second series of workshops with Lebanese stakeholders, under the theme “Have your say in the development of action plans for the reuse of treated wastewater”.

The workshop programme includes interactive sessions during which representatives of civil society, including farmers, local officials, Local NGOs and citizens, and especially women and young people, will be invited to express their perceptions and identify the problems and challenges related to the reuse of treated wastewater in their region as well as possible solutions to solve these.

It will also be an opportunity for participants to draw a layout plan for wastewater reuse of their area based on maps established by the project in a web-based geographic information system.

The workshop will take place at Nawfal Palace in Tripoli, on Saturday, 12 March 2022.

AQUACYCLE project is set to bring an eco-innovative wastewater treatment technology that will consist of anaerobic digestion, constructed wetlands and solar treatment for the cost-effective treatment of urban wastewater with minimal costs of operation and maximum environmental benefits. 

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