Lebanon: YEP MED and INTERNISA projects help the local youth in job placements

October 24, 2022
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As a key partner in the two ENI CBC MED projects: YEP MED and INTERNISA, the Chamber of Beirut & Mount Lebanon makes every effort to create interactions and combine efforts between the analogous activities of these two projects , particularly in light of the fact that both projects fall under the same thematic priority of fighting poverty and fostering social inclusion.

In this framework, the Chamber convened the YEP MED Lebanese female trainees who enrolled in the international port logistics training programme in Beirut and now hold YEP MED certificates, and encouraged them to take advantage of the job matching features of the digital platform developed by INTERNISA project. This initiative contributes to the optimization of the dual apprenticeship programme proposed by the YEP MED project to help young graduates reach wider job opportunities and to be placed as contractual or interns in logistic companies.

The YEP MED Lebanese graduates will also be familiarized with the services of the recently opened INTERNISA Women Digital Centre at the Chamber headquarters.

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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon