Libya and Syria: European common decisions

February 16, 2016
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The EU Council of Ministers gathered, on Monday 15 February 2016, and “adopted decision so consensual an extension the amendment to the mandate of EUBAM Libya that will allow us to hopefully work on some planning for support to the future Libyan Government National Accord. This issue will be most probably a point for a decision and discussion at the next Foreign Affairs Council in March”, said Federica Mogherini, the EU High Representative after the meeting.
“The main point of discussion of the ministers was obviously Syria”, she added. “We knew already on Thursday evening in Munich that it was a difficult process, we knew it all along these difficult months. If it was not difficult, we would have not created that kind of huge diplomatic coordinated effort at the international level. We will probably continue to face some setbacks. This is not a reason to change policy just four days after we took common decisions. There was a complete unity in the EU Council on this”.
Mogherini made his remarks on all topics addressed during this session, here are the details (video).

Countries covered:

  • Libya
  • Syria *
Human Rights