Libya: EU-funded Voluntary Humanitarian Return Programme Offers Lifeline for 60,000 Migrants

April 7, 2022
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Since 2015, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has assisted 60,000 migrants in Libya to return to their country in a safe and dignified manner through the Voluntary Humanitarian Return (VHR) Programme. The initiative has provided a critical lifeline to stranded migrants from 46 different countries across Africa and Asia who wish to return home and rebuild their lives.

The Voluntary Humanitarian Return programme is funded by the European Union under the EU-IOM Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection and Reintegration and through the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Migration Fund.

About 47 per cent of returnees assisted through IOM’s VHR programme were in detention centres while the remainder were living in urban settings. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020, IOM has seen an uptick in requests from people in urban locations.

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