Libya: Video series displays young successful entrepreneurs thanks to EU-funded programme

August 23, 2019
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The EU Delegation to Libya has published on its Facebook page a video series entitled “My success story” showcasing stories of successful entrepreneurs across Libya.

Ali Essaadi’s DOT project began with using Laser to carve on pens, notebooks and other things. Later on, he started manufacturing gifts and stationeries for companies. His future plans are to expand in his business in order to fulfil all the needs of his customers.

Asil Ali Milad is the owner of Columbia Burger restaurant in the city of Houn. He explained the difficulties he faced, being 650 kms away from Tripoli, which is the main source of his basic ingredients. His objective is to transform this project from a restaurant to a chain of restaurants.

These projects were developed thanks to EU co-funded programme SLEiDSE which aims at promoting the development of a dynamic and diversified Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise sector in all regions of Libya.


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