Libya: virtual news agency established through EU project

November 18, 2015
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 Libya’s first independent news agency is due to take up its work on Thursday 19 November. The Libyan Cloud News Agency (LCNA) has been established by the DW Akademie as part of the EU project “Stability through Structure”.

Libyan media outlets still in existence are heavily censored or can only report on a very limited local area. The civil war means national news reporting is practically non-existent, so Libyans seldom hear about what is happening in other parts of the country. International media organizations get very little information from the country itself. This situation prompted the idea for an independent news agency with an extensive network of correspondents who put together reports from all over Libya for both national and international media.
DW Akademie organized journalism workshops to help train and prepare more than 100 regional reporters and news editors for their new roles with the LCNA. The official hand-over means the Agency will become now fully independent and its activities will not be financed anymore by the EU. 
The Cloud Agency has been developed within a €2.7 million EU-funded which is aiming at the overall support of Libyan’ journalism and media. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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