Libyan economic institutions awarded for pushing digital services for businesses forward

June 14, 2022
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EU Delegation to Libya

Key Libyan economic institutions received awards of appreciation for their support in pushing forward digital services for businesses and entrepreneurs in Libya. In October 2021, the Libyan eJraat portal was launched to offer assistance to businesses on administrative procedures. The platform has since had more than 20 000 site visits and was ranked by the Global Entrepreneurship Registration portal among registration portals with the highest number of users globally.

eJraat is an online portal that displays step-by-step administrative and business procedures in both Arabic and English. Users can use the platform to get acquainted with the exact steps to follow to perform many administrative tasks like registering a business, paying taxes, obtaining a licence or opening a shop in Libya. The portal was developed as part of the European Union-funded “EU for Private Sector Development” (EU4PSL) project under the supervision of the Libyan Ministry of Economy and Trade and the General Information Authority with UNCTAD’s technical assistance in partnership with Expertise France.

Libya, through the Ejraat portal in particular, was also nominated for a 2022 Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Compass Award, which recognises the teams, organisations, and institutions who have contributed to strengthening entrepreneurship ecosystems at the local, regional and national levels in 170+ countries.

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