Making agriculture more water-efficient: the EU-funded PROSIM project to test innovative solutions in Jordan

January 28, 2020
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The activities of the EU-funded PROSIM project have recently started in Jordan with the process of collecting stakeholders and baseline data in both Balqa and Aqaba governorates, carried out by the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC). The project is carried out in the framework of the ENI CBC Med Programme.

In particular, in the Balqa area, approximately 70 farmers were introduced to the project and showed interest in the planned activities. In the next steps of the project, interested farmers will be contacted and selected for the implementation of the activities of the project.

The PROSIM project (“Promoting Sustainable Irrigation Management and non-conventional water use in the Mediterranean”) aims to reduce pressure on water resources by implementing improved irrigation solutions that ensure an increased water-use efficiency and a larger use of non-conventional water. The activities to be implemented in Jordan have the objective of becoming a scalable practice for local farmers, which aim to increase the productivity of their crops, while reducing water resource use.


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PROSIM  – Promoting Sustainable Irrigation Management and non-conventional water use in the Mediterranean

ENI CBC Med – Cooperating across borders in the Mediterranean

Countries covered:

  • Jordan