Med Culture forum to look at the way forward for cooperation

November 20, 2017
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The Med Culture Forum takes place in the Jordanian capital Amman on 28-29 November – an important milestone in the EU-funded Med Culture programme, providing an opportunity to assess what the programme has accomplished during the past four years and to look ahead to the future.

The forum will gather a number of professionals involved in the themes addressed, including, cultural operators and civil society actors, representatives of Ministries of Culture and other relevant ministries, and representative of EU institutions and other EU-funded programmes.

Technical assistance from the Med Culture programme has addressed the development of the culture sector at many levels – policies, capacity development, networking, etc. – and has contributed to empower cultural actors and enhance the value of their work.

The next stage is to explore further how culture can give meaning to the existence of youth through the mobilisation of their imagination and their reflexive capacities, and provide them with tools to prevent radicalisation, marginalisation from the society and from public debate.

Med Culture will also take serious steps in creating a Community of practice for the future, comprising culture sector operators, managers, civil society organisations, academics and trainers, together for working in sustainable development and public policy making.

Recommendations from this event will be the guiding drive for Med Culture’s next phase.

Med Culture is part of the regional programme “Media and culture for development in the Southern Mediterranean” which has been allocated a total budget of €17 million over a four-year period, of which €9 million for the award of grants on a co-financing basis, and €8 million for one capacity-development mechanism on media (Med Media) and one capacity development mechanism on culture (Med Culture).


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Countries covered:

  • Jordan