Med-EcoSuRe pushes ahead with solar energy generation in Palestine

June 2, 2022
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ENI CBC Med Programme

An-Najah Naional University, partner of Med-EcoSuRe project, has installed a 50 kWp PV grid-tied carport system at the university campus. This system not only provides additional energy but also serves as an example for architectural integration of Solar PV.

The solar car park, consisting of 105 photovoltaic modules of 465 watts and covering approximately 50 m2 , allows to fully charge up to 6 electric vehicles, and provides shade to 24 of parking spaces within the university. It is expected to generate 85 MWh of electrical power annually.

The project is among many initiatives that support the University Climate Action Commitment and Sustainability Plan aiming to reduce global warming emissions in everyday campus operations. Furthermore, the system aims to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology as a proof of concept for new innovative products and services. The results may be replicable in other urban and social contexts.

Through implementing and scaling-up SMARTNESS platform, Med-EcoSuRe project intends to foster, in collaboration with Mediterranean initiatives and projects, innovative technologies and concepts for the generation and distribution of decentralized electrical energy, in the Mediterranean context and particularly in Tunisia, where the need to integrate such technologies is urgent.

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